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Crown of Glory Birth Services

FAQ's About Midwifery

We offer a variety of midwifery support services personalized for each client.

Prenatal care, home birth and postpartum services are provided by a supportive, caring team of a certified professional midwife (CPM) and credentialed childbirth professionals. Your home birth experience will be an empowering and memorable journey. Currently servicing metro Birmingham, Al and surrounding counties.


How long have you been in practice? I’ve been attending births for 7 years, having attended around 1,100 births as a doula, birth assistant, and Midwife. What is your training and certification? I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). In addition to going to midwifery school, I did my clinical training with local CPMs and a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). I have worked in all birth settings: hospital, home, and birth center. I am also certified in neonatal resuscitation and advanced CPR.


What is included in your package? Complete prenatal care, including visits that are 45 -90 minutes long and can include your family, care and support through your home birth, postpartum home visits and breastfeeding support. You can opt to have a doula from my team to be a part of your care. 

Do you accept insurance? We have a billing company that will file a claim after the birth of your baby. During your prenatal care our billing company will complete a verification of benefits to determine the amount that will be covered through your insurance. Your investment in home birth midwifery care is paid out of pocket. We offer payment plans throughout your pregnancy that will be completed at 37 weeks' gestation. We accept cash, check, PayPal, credit card, FSA card, or HSA card. Nadia will help you seek a reimbursement from your insurance after your care is complete. Medicaid in Alabama does NOT cover homebirth. 


How many clients do you take per month on average? I accept 4 clients per month.


What do you do if two families are in labor at the same time? I work with great qualified back-ups and will make sure your birth is well-supported.

Do you carry medications or safety equipment? Absolutely. I come with a doppler to monitor the baby and equipment to monitor your vitals. I carry life-saving medications such as the anti-hemorrhagic Pitocin, rhogam, and vitamin K. I can suture, if you have a tear. I also carry IV fluids, oxygen, and the equipment needed to resuscitate your baby.

Do you help us to file the birth certificate? I register the birth with the state, and they will send you a social security card and birth certificate. All I need from you is some basic information and your signature.

What area do you serve? I'm located in Chelsea, AL. I serve Shelby and surrounding counties. I'm willing to travel for a certain number of births per year to areas outside of the Birmingham, AL metro area. You can inquire regarding availability if you are more than one hour outside of Chelsea, AL.


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Your Home. Your Birth. Your Way. With Your Birth Team!

Crown of Glory Birth services provides holistic and comprehensive midwifery services throughout the Chelsea, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and surrounding areas. We serve women through prenatal care, labor and birth support, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, well-woman care, and well-newborn care to help them achieve healthy pregnancies and births through a connected experience, rich with informed choice and shared decision making.

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