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Birth Ball Labor Positions


Do you want a QUICKER labor? Guess what? Studies show that using a birth ball during labor can help quicken the process of labor! In conjunction with your birth ball and knowing the right movement(s) during labor will help you feel in control. The best positions in labor are the ones that you've practiced and and feel comfortable with. This quick class gives you labor positions to use with your birth ball to help you cope with labor. What you'll learn ✔Coping with birth with labor positions ✔How to use the birth ball in hospital or home location ✔Breathing techniques for labor and birth ✔Demonstrations of labor positions that are helpful during active labor to help with comfort

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Unmedicated Water Birth

You will learn how to have an unmedicated birth. Learning how to use water & hydrotherapy (shower/tub) to help you cope with labor pains. 

Planned & Unplanned


Whether you're planning a vaginal birth or planned cesarean you should know your options for a peaceful c-section if it's medically necessary. You will learn how to create a birth plan that will help you to avoid an unnecessary cesarean. 

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