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Nadia crossed all T's and Dotted all of her I's throughout my entire pregnancy , birth, and postpartum experience. From the time we began she was kind, patient, and understanding. She educated us, prayed, and practiced with us. She made doctors visits with me and introduced me to a great chiropractor which helped my back a lot. She was always only one call away. On the night I went into labor Nadia was at my house so quick my head spun. She was super helpful in creating a calm and clean energy birth space. I labored for about 3 days. Nadia stayed with us the entire time and her energy was high the whole time. I didn't even know days were passing. When my natural birth plan changed Nadia assured me that my decisions were good and nothing to be ashamed of my husband and I were able to be calm and collected because we had her to lean on. Although painful because of her, my Birth experience was safe and not traumatic. Prior to birth I was waiting on the day where I began to have an anxiety attack and freak out nervous about the birth and it never happened that's how prepared she had me. Her postpartum support was amazing. I had a tough time and suffered from an infection. Things were happening left and right that could have caused depression but she stayed on top of me and ensured that my spirits were lifted and that we had a game plan to get over every obstacle . She encouraged me and I was able to stick to my plan to breastfeed for much longer than I expected with the complications that I had.