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What's Holding You Back From Your Beautiful Birth?

Knowledge Is Power....that's what they say. 
I say, knowing how to execute your knowledge is POWER! 
Look, I get it, preparing for birth and postpartum can be overwhelming. 
This is especially true when you have doubts like: 

  • I’m already so busy. 

  • This isn't my 1st pregnancy/birth. Do I really need to take prenatal classes?

  • This IS my 1st pregnancy.  

  • I have a Doula I don't know if I need these classes.  

  • I plan on getting an epidural. I don't need a child birth class. 

Here’s The Secret
None of that matters. 
Yes, it’s true. 
The Facts: 
✔️ Part of preparing for a new child is putting yourself and your family first. The truth is: birth is going to happen. The question is are you going to be prepared during pregnancy & gain the knowledge you need to have the birth you deserve? You decide
✔️ If this is your 1st pregnancy it's VITAL to learn allll about your options (including routine prenatal & labor procedures you can say NO to). Everyone needs a birth plan. The best way to have a birth "plan" is to know where you have the power AND know how to use your power to get the birth you want. 
✔️ I can 1000% guarantee that your doula wants you to take a childbirth class. Some Doulas actually require their clients take at least one birth class in order to work together. When you take a birth class you have many opportunities to practice your laboring skills like birth affirmations. In fact you can download 27 birth affirmations right here

✔️ I don't if anyone has told you this....but, the epidural is NOT guaranteed ! There will be time in labor before having access to one. You deserve to know how to cope well during that time as well. Also, epidurals do not always work. If you need help learning relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, comfort measures, and the birth're in the right place! 

How do I know?

I'm a Student Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator

After teaching 50+ childbirth classes, attending 300+ births as a Doula and student Midwife, and taking 6 birth prep classes myself during my own pregnancy I know it's a MUST for every parent. Don't delay learning how to adjust your Crown Of Glory when labor becomes intense. 

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