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Accepting Homebirth Clients With Due Dates July 2023 & Beyond

Are you searching for a unique and beautiful home birth experience? Where your family is included and welcome? Where your choices are honored? Where you end up feeling like a triumphant warrior? Have you thought about home birth? I am here to support you on your journey and help you actualize your dream birth. I listen so that you feel heard. 


The special care of a midwife means:

  • Comprehensive, individualized prenatal and postpartum care

  • Continuous support and monitoring throughout labor and birth

  • Prenatal counseling to build a foundation of confidence, trust and comfort

  • Acknowledgment of hopes, fears and expectations of birth

  • Working together to understand and experience the beauty and power of birth

  • Postpartum and lactation support for breastfeeding and family bonding 


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