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Crown Of Glory Online Childbirth Education Class


The Crown of Glory birth course is the resource you need to feel calm, confident, and empowered to have the peaceful natural birth experience full of glory that desire and deserve. You might hear many people advising you to create your "birth plan," the truth is, birth can’t be planned. Pregnancy, labor, and birth can take you on a journey that you weren't anticipating. But you certainly have desires for how you'd like things to go. In this course you will learn the factors that have the biggest influence on how your birth experience unfolds. Some Things You'll Learn: *The steps to successful breastfeeding, AND how to avoid common pitfalls *What to expect for yourself in the postpartum period including in the hospital and healing at home *5 steps to have a family centered C-Section *What happens with newborn procedures after birth *How to best manage those first 6 weeks postpartum *Warning signs to look out for in the postpartum period

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Crown Of Glory Online Childbirth Education Class

Crown Of Glory Online Childbirth Education Class

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Unmedicated Water Birth

You will learn how to have an unmedicated birth. Learning how to use water & hydrotherapy (shower/tub) to help you cope with labor pains. 

Planned & Unplanned


Whether you're planning a vaginal birth or planned cesarean you should know your options for a peaceful c-section if it's medically necessary. You will learn how to create a birth plan that will help you to avoid an unnecessary cesarean. 

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