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A in person class to help you prepare for your baby's birth-day. 

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Taught by Nadia Gramby, LM, CPM
Founder & CEO at Crown of Glory Birth Services

This in-person class is led by Nadia Gramby who is a licensed Midwife. Nadia is passionate about birth and extremely committed to education and teaching families how to advocate for themselves and the birth they want. She has attended hundreds of births in all settings - home birth, birth center, and hospital. She knows how to prepare families for the unpredictable nature of birth and how to set yourself up for success. This class will help you be better equipped to have a less painful and more fulfilling natural birth. This class is an in-person class that will focus on evidence based, physiological, and holistic birth. This birth class helps families make informed decisions during pregnancy, labor, and birth. This 3-hour class is designed to help expectant parents prepare for childbirth by teaching preparation for labor and birth, postpartum care, and infant care. This course introduces the physical changes you can expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after the birth of your child. You will learn about hospital procedures, anesthesia, and medications, as well as information about rooming-in with your baby. Comfort measures and basic coping strategies for laboring, pushing, and birth are also introduced.

This 3-hour class aims to help parents learn great hands-on techniques to assist with support and relaxation.

Contact Nadia for any questions here: or (205)894-1191

In this birth class we will cover:


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