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  • 549 US dollars

In Person Breastfeeding Support

Online breastfeeding support is available for parents and parents-to-be anywhere, anytime

What's Included:

Are you wanting to breastfeed, but not convinced your body will be able to make enough milk? Want to be better prepared so that this time is not like your last experience? Do you want to have a clear roadmap for increasing their milk supply, decreasing your stress, and optimizing your baby’s lifetime health all at once? You are not alone and there is help available, right at your fingertips! Be confident in your breastfeeding success! Skip the anxiety and fears of failure with this program. You’ll learn how to establish an abundant milk supply, enjoy pain-free nursing, experience a bonding relationship with your baby, and create the lactation strategy that leads you right to your goals What's Inside This Hybrid Program? -Customized Lactation Road Map to outline your breastfeeding success (we will establish what knowledge gaps you still have & close them) -One 60-minute meeting (in home or via Zoom) customized education and unlimited Q&A -Topics included: benefits of breastfeeding, positioning, latching, what to expect in the first hours and weeks, nipple care, partner involvement, etc. -Two 60 minute in home postpartum lactation support meetings (weighed feedings included) -Continued support for 6 weeks after final postpartum meeting Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for parents and babies, but sometimes there are breastfeeding issues that make the experience difficult. Here is a list of the most common problems that we can help you AVOID (& resolve if encountered): Breast Engorgement Poor Breastfeeding Latch Tongue Tie Over or Under Milk Supply Flat or Inverted Nipples Nipple Pain Nipple Confusion Clogged Milk Duct Mastitis (Breast Infection) When is the best time to seek breastfeeding support? You don’t need to wait to have your baby before seeking breastfeeding support. Early preparation and personalized breastfeeding education increase your chances of successfully meeting your breastfeeding goals.

Contact Details

  • Chelsea, AL, USA


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