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  • 60 US dollars

Doula Consultation

Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum Support

What's Included:

What's a Montrice Doula? A monitrice doula is essentially a Midwife acting in the doula role, who also has clinical training in labor assessment. What's the difference between a Montrice & a doula? A doula provides non-clinical educational, emotional, and physical labor support and client advocacy. A monitrice provides this doula care alongside clinical labor assessments, during the portion of your labor spent at home, such as listening to and evaluating baby’s heartbeat, evaluating maternal vital signs, performing vaginal exams, and helping you decide the optimal time to head to the hospital. Once you enter the hospital setting, all clinical assessments shift to your hospital nurses and care providers, and the monitrice continues to provide doula support. What's Including: -Two 60 minute home prenatal meetings. We will review your birth preferences, educational needs & pertinent history, and get to know one another. We can also discuss & practice labor coping mechanisms, positions for birth; ways your partner can help to support you; and I can answer questions unique to your pregnancy and previous births. -Non-labor phone, email and text support throughout your pregnancy, during office hours (10-5 Monday-Friday). -24/7 on-call from 37 weeks of pregnancy through your birth. -Monitrice services at your home, during labor, as outlined above. Hospital Doula services: I will accompany you to your place of birth acting as your birth doula. I will provide physical, emotional, and educational support and resources, as well as immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support. -One in home postpartum visits that include the support listed below: Breastfeeding Support , Labor Recovery Care, Help understanding baby cues, Diapering and baby care, Infant sleep solutions, Care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some special time, Hands-on education for infant and Mama care, Babywearing training & assistance and sooo much more!

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Chelsea, AL, USA

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