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Healing, cleansing and calming, this soak contains wild rose petals, yarrow, raspberry leaf, lavender, epsom salts,plantain, uva ursi and sooo much more! These herbs are helful for sore muscles, healing small cuts, scrapes and also for post partum care. Everything create is harvested and blended by hand, in small batches.


A sitz bath can help with vaginal, vulva, and rectal irritation. Below are examples of conditions this bath kit can promote healing:


– 100% natural ingredients.
– Antibacterial and mineral rich.
– Promotes tissue healing.

–Soothes vaginal area. Reduces swelling and provides great relief for sore muscles after giving birth.

–Helps soothe hemorrhoids.
– Astringent properties.
– Calming floral scent.

– Make your soothing perineal ice packs for POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: 

Pour the liquid from the steeped herbs over post partum pads to freeze as a cool, pain relieving and swelling reducing perineal cold pack to use after the birth. 
– For use during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.


Herbal Bath Soak

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