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Doula Boss Society



Are You Ready?....To Aling, Thrive, and Shine in your Sacred Business of Birth! 


Are you ready to walk into your calling as a birth worker?Have you recently answered the call to birth work but your struggling on how to pull the business side of birth together? Are you ready to bring your A game to more strategies to monetize your work? 


All of my coaching packages are individually tailored to deeply connect with your own unique gifts.This is where we embark on this deep dive into all that you are, all that you have been, all that you long to be, and all that you WILL be… The divine and blessed woman that you are.


Discover the commonly overlooked mistakes that new and seasoned birth professionals make and gain the critical tools and knowledge needed to build a profitable and sustainable business, so that you can both honour your calling AND make a prosperous living.


This program is ideal for the birth worker who is motivated to not only survive but thrive long term in birth work. It has been especially created for you as a birthworker that is ready to commit and invest in yourself to ensure you are building solid foundations of sustainability. If you are ready to honour the gifts you are called to share with the world this program is for you…


If you've experienced any of these feelings lets strategize on how to make 2020 the best year for your business!


  • You feel an ongoing block in transitioning from your doula training to running a business.
  • Perhaps your training didn’t prepare you for the realities and how to actually make it work, or perhaps you were given an adequate understanding, but the physical realities vs the theory is very different.
  • You wish you didn’t feel so uncertain about everything and you felt confident that you were doing the right things to ensure your business will succeed.
  • You know you need to understand and learn more about business to make this calling impactful and profitable but if feels icky to you and you feel blocked about having to do that!
  • You’re lacking confidence and don’t feel good enough and you struggle with the business side.
  • You’re feeling ready to thrive in life and birth business with confidence and ease but you’re not quite sure where to start and the steps to take to hasten your success.
  • Perhaps you’re wondering who you can talk to about how you’re feeling, especially after a birth when things haven’t gone to plan? You really want to have someone experienced support and guide you through what steps to take next.


Program Agenda:

Together we will initiate solid foundations of boundaries, vital debriefing and troubleshooting, clarify and focus on your soul purpose. I will help you remain agile and continue to build a sustainable thriving business with ease to keep pouring from a full cup.
DOULA BOSS SOCIETY is an exclusive intensive training and one-on-one mentorship program for doulas who are ready to do the work to THRIVE. 
-One-On-One Bi-Weekly online consults
-Contract Agreements
_How to effectively price your services comparable to your geographic market and client demographic
- Ability to list programs, training's, workshops within our Events Page
- You will be given assignments to complete while working with your mentor Nadia
-Lifetime Membership

All payments will be automatically charged with a card kept on file and will be charged the same time every month.

Doula Boss Society

  • This program is $300 per month. 

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